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This site is specially designed for students of medicine, psychology and psychiatry who wish to develop on topics related to neuroscience.

I'll try to keep this site atualizado with the development of our classes, so that the query content is always available online.

The neurosciences are all branches of science that explores the anatomy and the normal and pathological central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral (PNS).

The student is to begin to study with a number of new and complicated concepts that can only be seen and learned if they are addressed in an orderly, thorough and passionate.

The most important concept to note is that all the structures of the nervous system are working in harmony and in turn a great plasticity that we see constantly in our work: learning.

Always remain at your disposicón, in class or online, to discuss these issues that concern us and my Pc.

I appreciate your feedback. The questions are answered by email.


Dr. Bernard